Team Coaching Workshops in Manchester

A series of 3 x 90 minute team coaching workshops lead by experienced workplace wellbeing consultants for businesses in Manchester and beyond*.

*We are based in Manchester but can provide online sessions for those further afield.

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Wellbeing in the workplace is intrinsically connected to the team you work with. If team members are feeling disconnected, unheard, devalued, or burnt out, you will notice a reduction in productivity, job satisfaction, and overall business outcomes across your whole team.

This can lead to problems with staff retention, people quiet quitting their jobs or others to work excessively to catch up, known as leavism or presenteeism. All this contributes to an increase in stress, anxiety, and a lower quality of service for your customers or clients.

This is where team coaching comes in. With many years of experience in coaching teams through challenging times The Thrive Lab will deliver a series of engaging team coaching sessions, either online or in person, to reconnect your team and managers for the wellbeing of your organisation.

Our Workplace Wellbeing Report 2022 highlighted the importance of connection and meaningful relationships at work. 69% of respondents said that loneliness and isolation had a negative impact on their wellbeing. Our team coaching sessions help to build connections, trust, and relationships so that your team can go from strength to strength.

We use a personalised system that involves 3 x 90 minute sessions. Our sessions follow a framework that allows your team to Connect, Pause and Reset which is why we call it team ‘CPR’.

Before we deliver your team coaching workshop sessions, we will design a schedule that is unique to your team’s needs, for example dealing with change, understanding strengths, building trust, or beating burnout.

Workshop delivered as 3x90min team ‘CPR’ sessions

Session 1: Connect

We will support your team to find new ways to connect and communicate effectively, whether you are an established workplace, a group of team leaders, or a new team that is just finding its feet.

Pause: team coaching workshops in Manchester

Session 2: Pause

We take time in this session to embed a sense of trust and safety amongst the team, working to uncover individual and team strengths so that you can understand more about what you do well and how you can better work together.

Reset: team coaching workshops in Manchester

Session 3: Reset

Lay down the foundations for an effective team strategy for your future success with the wellbeing of your team at the center of it all.

Session 1: Connect

We will teach your team new ways to connect and communicate effectively, whether you are an established workplace, a group of team leaders, or a new team that is just finding its feet.

Session 2: Pause

We dedicate some time to think about your strengths as a team and as individuals, laying down the foundations for effective team strategy and future success.

Reset: team coaching workshops in Manchester

Session 3: Reset

Reflect on the workshop and imbed a sense of trust and safety through collaborative exercises. Evaluate the impact of the workshops and allow team leaders to better understand their team.

From £375 per team member including:

Max 15 per group (enables each participant to contribute)

3×90 minutes team coaching using team CPR (connect, pause, reset)

2 experienced team coaches to facilitate

Evaluation and ROI report

Summary of key themes

Recommendations for the future

Individual 1:1 coaching to follow up team coaching workshops are available with 15% off (minimum of 15 coaching sessions).

1:1 Coaching Service

A coaching service designed for personal development and career growth. Receive a 15% discount if you decide to get personal coaching from our team coaching workshops.

WRAW Psychometrics

WRAW is a trusted measurement tool to assess workplace wellbeing and resilience. The Thrive Lab uses an accredited WRAW provider that can work with your teams to uncover how resilient your team currently is and how you can become even more resilient, so get in touch in you would like to know more.

Strengthscope Assessment

Strengthscope assessments are a great way to highlight team members strengths and leadership styles, allowing your team to be more efficient, more productive, and play to your strengths!

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