Thriving People

Learn the key ingredients to maintaining personal wellbeing at work

The challenges and uncertainties of life can take their toll on our wellbeing.

Whether people are having difficulty creating a work-life balance or are experiencing personal challenges to their physical or mental health due to events outside of work, both can impact our ability to feel motivated, engaged and be at our best.

Learning the key ingredients to maintaining personal wellbeing, as well as offering your people specific support during challenging times, can help those who work for you feel valued and supported.

We can help you create a programme of wellbeing activities that can help boost resilience and support your people during times of change or challenge.

  • People who lack a work-life balance are 3x more likely than their peers to identify as having “checked out” at work.*
  • 78% of employees say that stress negatively affects their performance
  • 60% of employees worldwide say their job is the biggest factor influencing their mental health
  • Workplace stress carries over into our personal lives creating increased difficulty with our home life, relationships and overall wellbeing.

*Workforce institute @UKG

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How can we help your people?

We can help you create a programme of wellbeing activities that help your teams and people with their wellbeing needs. From workshops on parenting to personal wellbeing assessments and stress management strategies we have a range of options to suit your time and budget.

Quick wellbeing boosts

Our Wellbeing Boot Camp provides your whole organisation with a wellbeing boost. In 15 minutes a day for 5 days you will receive information, coaching exercises and a daily dose of wellbeing in your inbox. More about our Workshops >

Psychometric Assessments

Uncover your strengths, assess your resilience and learn how to put these into action for your wellbeing and future success. This is about establishing a benchmark and identifying the areas that you can focus on to create change for your people based on the science of wellbeing.

1:1 Coaching

Prevention is better then cure right? Why wait for people to need formal mental health support from your employee assistance provider? Our drop in coaching days are like a vitamin pill for your brain. Monthly drop in sessions means your people can come as much or as little as they need to talk about the issues affecting them in a calm and confidential space. Sometimes, just one good conversation can make all the difference between sinking and swimming. All our coaches are trained, accredited and have a therapeutic approach to coaching for these sessions. They also know when is the right time to direct people to mental health services so that you can be assured your people can get the support they need. More about our coaching >

Wellbeing Group programmes

Our Thrive Lab Deep Dives are longer programmes that tackle a particular challenge in more detail. Delivered in short sessions over a series of weeks these programmes allow people to explore more about the things that are impacting their wellbeing, try out new strategies and support each other along the way. Combining training with coaching means that participants come away with new knowledge, personal insights and practical ideas to try out. The support of a coach and the group helps to boost confidence and provide accountability so that putting things into practice feels less daunting. Examples of our programmes include…

  • Parent like a coach – learn ways to parent that reduce conflict and stress and boost connection and calm.
  • Balance over Burnout – help your people find strategies to reduce the risk of burnout and create more balance in their lives.

More about our Deep Dives >

What package could work for your people?

Together, we’ll find the right package for your specific needs

We don’t operate a ‘one size fits all’ approach to our wellbeing solutions. Every programme we design is created with the client’s needs in mind. Here are some of the ways in which our different services have been packaged together to create impactful solutions to problems facing some of the organisations we have worked with.

Option 1:

Psychometric assessments + 1:1 Coaching

Option 2:

Wellbeing Workshops + Coaching Circles

Option 3:

Regular lunch & learns + 1:1 Coaching Drop In Days.