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The Thrive Lab Vision

We have a vision where the world of work offers people a chance: to make the best of their talents, look after their health, create meaningful relationships and continue to learn whilst feeling valued and able to express themselves without fear or shame at work.

Based in Manchester UK, we achieve that vision through our impactful coaching, workshops, online programmes and conference sessions, all of which are informed by the science of positive psychology and brain behaviour. It’s about so much more than introducing free yoga classes and a fruit bowl!

We work with individuals, teams, leaders and organisations to boost wellbeing and resilience in the workplace, helping people navigate the challenges of life and work so that they can flourish. Seeing that positive change is what gets us out of bed in the morning.

What does workplace wellbeing look like?

Our research has revealed that most organisations in England need help in one or more of these three key wellbeing areas:

Relationships and connection

Stress and burnout

Measuring wellbeing

We can cover all of that, and more. We partner with you to deliver in-depth and powerful coaching, cohesive strategies, and helpful and educational training sessions. We deliver what you need, depending on where you are on your workplace wellbeing journey, and what’s going on in your organisation at the time. This could include any of the following:

Wellbeing Coaching & Support

Wellbeing coaching is the key to unlocking potential and creating meaningful change. We love working with teams, leaders and individuals to bring about real change. If you’re looking for workplace wellbeing coaching in the short term or long term, get in touch to  see how we can help.


Wellbeing Workshops and Online Training

Practical, tailored and wide-ranging wellbeing workshops in terms of topic, all of our workshops and training sessions are designed to give your people a boost to their health and wellbeing. From mental health first aid to understanding the menopause – we’ve got you covered!


Wellbeing Assessments and Benchmarking

Using tools like the Strengthscope psychometric profiling tool, for example, or the Wraw Index, we can help your team unlock their strengths, measure their resilience or establish other indicators that help you build your wellbeing strategy and measure its impact over time.


Wellbeing Plans and Strategy

We can help you create a culture of wellbeing that goes far beyond free fruit and a gym pass. Carefully designed to help your organisation evidence real change and put your people at the heart of everything you do, our wellbeing plans are tailored, practical and measurable.


Not sure what you need?

We hear you. So, we’ve put together some example pathways to help you see how we might work together to improve yours or your teams workplace wellbeing. Click on the profile that sounds most like you to see what we recommend. Or give us a call and talk to a real person!

Help! I don’t know where to start with wellbeing!

Our workplace has made a start with wellbeing, but I’m not sure if I’m it right…

We have a workplace wellbeing plan in place but we need help measuring impact.

Why is wellbeing and mental health at work so important?

If you’ve made it this far, you probably already know why this stuff is important. But maybe you need to convince the powers that be that wellbeing needs to be a priority, not just a fair-weather objective that can be dropped when workload increases?

There is a clear link between wellbeing at work and organisational success. If your people feel supported, empowered and heard, they will perform better. More than that, employees are wanting to work for companies that share their values, invest in their people and create a sense of belonging and trust.

Organisations with low employee engagement scores experienced:


lower productivity


lower profitability


lower job growth


lower share price*

Employees experiencing burnout are:


more likely to take a sick day


more likely to be looking for a new job**

*Proof that positive work cultures are more productive by Harvard Business Review **Gallup’s Perspective on Employee Burnout: Causes and Cures (2020)

We’re people too

One of the reasons The Thrive Lab works is because we’re real people working with real people. One of the other reasons is that we’re really good at what we do! We met through our work, got on immediately, and decided to join forces because we’re all driven by the same desire to create the working world a better place.

Bringing expertise in nursing, coaching, leadership, HR, change management, operations and counselling we offer a great combination of empathy, psychology and business know-how which is hard to find elsewhere.

Where do we work?

The Thrive Lab is based in Manchester, but can provide wellbeing coaching, team coaching, wellbeing workshops, wellbeing assessments, and wellbeing strategy to businesses across the UK. These can be in person sessions across the Northwest of England and Greater Manchester, or we can provide online support for businesses or individuals in the UK.

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