Meet The Thrive Lab – Your new workplace wellbeing partner

How it all started

We Met In Prison (well nearly!)

The Thrive Lab team met as a group of coaches delivering coaching to people who would not normally get the chance. Working with Coaching Inside And Out, delivering coaching within the criminal justice system, brought together the hearts, minds and souls of three women passionate about making a difference to the lives of others.

The Thrive Lab was born out of a pandemic where we witnessed so many people struggling with their wellbeing. We knew that this huge change would cause ripples for years to come and that people would continue to struggle in the new post pandemic world. Knowing that we had something to offer that could help we created The Thrive Lab to support HR and other senior leaders within organisations looking to find new ways to tackle wellbeing in the workplace.

Our approach

We believe that wellbeing at work is about creating connected teams, compassionate leaders and engaged people that are given the opportunity to thrive at work and in life.

Many wellbeing programmes focus on the physical and mental aspects of wellbeing – things like exercise, nutrition, sleep and mindfulness. While we agree that these things are important, we believe that they are just a small part of a much bigger picture.

That is why we pay attention to the systems that we work in, as well as the people that work in them. This means taking a holistic approach to your workplace, tailoring our interventions to the needs of your people as well as your organisation.

Our service is all about creating supportive, happy workplace environments, because when we work in environments that support us, we can develop deeper resilience, manage our stress levels and create a harmonious balance between our work and personal life.

Meet The Thrive Lab Team

Alison Durkin


In a former life Alison has worked in HR and change management for organisations in the public and private sector. Her background means she has a great talent for seeing things from a broad perspective and has a knack for connecting the dots between people and the systems in which they work and play. She found her warm and supportive personality suited being a coach and now she brings all of her background and her coaching expertise to The Thrive Lab. 


Developing others, Attention to detail, Collaboration

Alison Loves:

A good walk, a good book, a large glass of wine, netball and singing (although not necessarily in that order!)

Not so keen on:

Being cold, olives and cats!

Jules Roberts


Jules began her professional career in retail and due to her lively mind, quick wit and people skills became operational director for Starbucks, responsible for important things like sales, performance and building great teams. However, she discovered this did not quite fulfil her soul and so transitioned into therapy. She discovered a love of learning and has since completed lots of courses and obtained lots of certificates which means she is very clever of course. More importantly she loves sharing what she knows and loves helping others and has helped hundreds of people through her work as a counsellor and a coach.


Empathy, Relationship building, Strategic mindedness

Jules Loves:

Riding her bike in the hills (because its electric!), dogs, cake and beating her family at ping pong!

Not so keen on:

Fish, fresh tomatoes or itchy jumpers!

Jules Roberts The Thrive Lab

Our Experience

Between us we have thousands of hours of coaching and therapy experience, working with companies across sectors including health, education, marketing and professional services. Our associates are incredibly talented and bring a wealth of experience and knowledge so that we can offer up to date research, life changing coaching and workshops that are informative, entertaining and transformational.

Our Associates

Amy Sinacola The Thrive Lab founder

Amy Sinacola

Amy spent the first 20 years of her career working as a nurse, mainly in cancer care. Who better to bring a health based approach to your wellbeing?! She has led teams, delivered change, worked in challenging situations and found ways to bring humour, compassion and warmth to the darkest and most difficult of moments. She really has seen what matters most when your life is on the line. She also had to find ways to thrive in a system that is pressured and demanding. Coaching was the lifeline that enabled her to do that and is now how she loves to helps others.


Compassion, Leadership, Adaptability

Amy Loves:

Looking after her goats, a glass of red wine after a long walk up a mountain and dancing with her kids in the kitchen.

Janet Davies

Janet is our accredited Workplace, Resilience And Wellbeing (WRAW®) practitioner and provides psychometric assessments, training and coaching based on the WRAW method to help individuals and organisations build resilience and wellbeing. With a long career history in the pharmaceutical industry she loves being able to provide a visible and measurable impact on individuals, teams, and organisations using this tool.


Collaboration, Enthusiasm and Empathy

Janet Loves:

Reading, a muddy dog walk and dancing like no-one is watching!

Jessica Shields

Jessica is a trained coach and NLP Master practitioner as well as being our ‘Mental Health First Aid’ Instructor. Accredited by ‘MHFA England’, she delivers mental health first aid training and mental health awareness training to organisations looking to create a positive culture in their approach to mental health.

Memberships and Accreditation