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Workplace wellbeing for organisations who want to do better

Focusing on wellbeing is good for your people and it is good for your business. With a happier, healthier and more engaged workforce your business will go from strength to strength.

From psychometric assessments, strategy planning sessions, coaching for individuals, teams and leaders or engaging workshops and training programmes, The Thrive Lab team is dedicated to bringing you the latest in positive psychology, health and wellbeing to help you live and work with gusto!

No matter where you are in your wellbeing journey, we can provide one off interventions to boost wellbeing, or partner with you in a holistic, ongoing and long-term way, with interventions and products that grow with your business.

Not sure where to start?

Our wellbeing pathways might help…

Wellbeing coaching for teams, leaders and individuals

Work is life and life is work. It all blends together and a problem in one can lead to problems in the other. Working with a coach can help you through those tough patches of change and transition to help you live and work more wonderfully.

If you are an individual looking for coaching from one of our team, please get in touch to talk through what you need and see if we are a good fit for you.

If you are an organisation looking to include coaching as part of your wellbeing offer, we can arrange coaching packages and speed coaching days to get you started.

Team Coaching

Teams that work well together are a joy to come to work for. Connection between remote teams, building relationships online and keeping up with changes in team structure has placed a huge amount of pressure on teams in recent years. Our team coaching C.P.R package allows you to Connect Pause and Reset as a team for the wellbeing and success of everyone.

Ask us about Team Coaching

Coaching Supervision

Coaching Supervision

If you already have a team of internal coaches or managers who use a coaching approach, do they have supervision to keep their skills fresh and up to date? Supervision is essential to ensure your coaches can keep coaching and keep doing a great job. Talk to us about how we can support your coaches to be even better.

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1:1 Coaching Service

1:1 Coaching is a great option for personal development as it is tailored to individual needs. Whether that’s to support through periods of change and transition such as returning to work after a career break or preparing for that next leadership role, our coaching packages can provide that impartial breathing space to reflect for you and your people.

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Wellbeing workshops and online training

Our Thrive Lab training pods encompass a range of workshops and online programmes, each of which can be delivered as a stand-alone package, or as part of a wider wellbeing programme. They are informative, interactive and, most importantly, create impactful change.

Our workshops use a coaching approach which means delegates come away with new ideas they can put into action. Existing programmes cover topics such as stress and burnout, managing the menopause and mental health first aid. But if you need something bespoke to your needs and the needs of your organisation, we can create a package just for you.

Online programmes are supported with group coaching to allow delegates the chance to bring their learning to life and make it relevant to their own set of circumstances.

Interested? Ask us about our wellbeing workshops and online training.

A taster of some of our training pods

Wellbeing assessments and benchmarking

Uncover your strengths, assess your resilience and learn how to measure the impact of your wellbeing efforts. This is about establishing a benchmark and identifying the areas that you can focus on to really create change within your organisation. Having this information at your fingertips enables you to put the right action plan in place to achieve your goals.

Resilience Assessments

Using the latest in psychological research and assessment the Workplace Wellbeing and Resilience (Wraw®) tool is a way of building more resilient individuals, teams and organisations. Using our accredited Wraw® provider we can offer you assessments that can help create the next steps based on exactly what you need.

Get in touch to book a Resilience Assessment.

Strength Assessments

Using our strengths and being appreciated for what we are good at is key to creating a culture of wellbeing – but we often don’t realise what our strengths actually are. Using the Strengthscope® psychometric assessment tool we can offer assessments backed by science along with reports and coaching based on the strengths of your people, teams and leaders.

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Wellbeing plans and strategy

Maybe you have a wellbeing strategy but something isn’t working. Or maybe you would like to put wellbeing at the heart of your organisation but don’t know where to start. We can work with you to help you assess, plan and implement a wellbeing strategy for the success of your people and therefore your business.

A true wellbeing strategy starts with the company culture and goes way beyond free fruit and gym passes. Tailored, practical and measurable, we will carefully design a strategy and plan to help your organisation evidence real change and put your people at the heart of everything you do. 

 Let’s start a conversation about your company wellbeing strategy.


Example workplace wellbeing pathways

So, you know you need to do something. And we’ve given you a bit of a menu of ways in which we can help. We’ve kept that menu deliberately open, as our service is really about listening to you and building the right solution for your individual situation rather than trying to sell you a solution you don’t need.

However, we also recognise there’s such a thing as paralysis by indecision. And the last thing we want you to do is nothing! In a bid to help further clarify what your journey with The Thrive Lab could look like, we’ve built some example pathways, based on where you might be on your wellbeing journey.

Help! We don’t know where to start!

Assessment > strategy > coaching and workshops

A great place to start would be with a resilience or strength assessment session with the team or organisation. These sessions are fun, easy to implement and send a strong message that you’re taking this seriously.

They also provide us with some handy data to begin to assess where the real challenges are within the organisation.

We would then recommend following up with a strategy session where we can use the findings from the earlier session to begin to build a strong base to build up from, along with a clear understanding of what success looks like. This strategy may include future coaching sessions, if we think that would be helpful, or perhaps a workshop to tackle a particular issue.

We’ve made a start, but we’re not sure if we’re doing the right things

Strategy > training pods and coaching

First of all, congratulations! If you’re already doing some “things” a strategy session could be a good place to start, so we can help you figure out if those “things” are valuable and likely to achieve the results you’re after. It can also help identify any potential gaps which can potentially be plugged with a Thrive Lab training pod, for example.

Alternatively, a coaching session with key stakeholders or team members may help to ensure what you are doing is being embedded across the organisation, and offer the ongoing support needed for long-term success once the initial enthusiasm for a project may have waned.

We have a plan in place, but we need help measuring impact

Assessment > coaching > assessment

Measuring impact is essential for understanding whether what you’re doing is working. It can also really support the business case for investing in wellbeing. It can also be notoriously tricky!

Using our assessment tools, we can help create a benchmark report. We’d then recommend some ongoing coaching as this can be very effective in terms of keeping wellbeing on the agenda, and keeping those at the forefront of implementing the strategy accountable.

We can return as often as needed to repeat assessment activities, helping you track some of the softer metrics (outside of the business growth, improvements in staff absence and other metrics which you should have at your fingertips).