The Benefits of Team Coaching for Workplace Wellbeing

Jan 27, 2023 | News

With workplace wellbeing steadily becoming a focus of businesses, understanding how to foster an environment that promotes team productivity and morale can be tricky. But not impossible – reports from the Centre for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity have shown that higher levels of employee wellbeing are connected with increased efficiency within teams.

However, achieving employee wellbeing requires a long term investment, with poor mental health costing UK businesses an estimated £56 million in 2021. If you want your business to become nimbler in this ever-changing economic climate, then it might just take some thoughtful team coaching to harmoniously combine these three elements: welfare, success rates & teamwork.

What are the benefits of team coaching for workplace wellbeing, and should you consider team coaching for your business/workplace?


How does team coaching help improve workplace wellbeing?

Some of the key ways that team coaching helps to improve workplace wellbeing are by:

  • Improving team communication
  • Connecting employees to their work and colleagues
  • Recognising strengths
  • Increasing work satisfaction
  • Creating a more positive work environment

Let’s take a look at these fantastic benefits…


1. Workplace team coaching can help improve communication in the team

Good relationships start with good communication. By providing a supportive and confidential environment for employees to come together and share their challenges, successes and plans for the future, team coaching starts a conversation that engages team members and helps them connect over their shared purpose.

By bringing the team together and encouraging mutual trust, effective communication and collective problem-solving, employees feel more connected to their peers and can work collaboratively towards a positive outcome. Team coaching also enables employees to recognize and tackle any common issues within the group, such as poor communication or lack of motivation.


2. Team coaching can help employees feel more connected to their work and colleagues

Team coaching is also an effective way to foster a sense of connection among employees. Through team coaching, individuals are encouraged to express their thoughts and feelings honestly without fear of judgment from their colleagues or superiors. This helps to create an atmosphere where honest communication is expected and valued, which can help build stronger relationships between co-workers. Additionally, team coaching can also help create a sense of belonging among employees, which can help them feel more connected to their work and colleagues.


3. Team coaching helps people recognise and work with their own and others’ strengths

Working with your strengths is a powerful way to boost wellbeing and yet many of us find it hard to recognise our own and others’ strengths. Working from a strengths-based approach can help improve team morale as well as productivity. Team coaching will help your team identify their individual and collective strengths and how to use these in pursuit of the team’s objectives and goals.


4. Teams that have access to coaching report higher levels of satisfaction with their work

Team coaching can also have a positive impact on employee satisfaction with their work. Teams that have access to team coaching report higher levels of job satisfaction compared to those who do not. This can be attributed to the fact that team coaching helps create an environment of trust and collaboration, which encourages employees to feel more valued and appreciated in their roles. Team coaching also helps employees develop their skills and knowledge, which can lead to greater job satisfaction. Finally, team coaching can help teams become more effective in achieving their objectives, leading to a sense of accomplishment and pride within the team.


5. Workplace team coaching can help create a more positive working environment

Lastly, team coaching can provide a space for all members of the team to work together to build a healthier, more supportive working environment. By discovering the underlying causes of any potential problems and discussing potential solutions together, team members can create an atmosphere in which everyone’s contributions are valued and respected.  It can help create a sense of purpose and understanding among team members while helping them develop emotional intelligence skills such as understanding individual differences, empathy and positive problem-solving. This kind of collaboration can lead to increased job satisfaction and improved performance levels overall.

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Team coaching is a great way to give your team the boost it needs

As you can see, team coaching has numerous benefits that every organisation should consider incorporating into its workplace wellbeing strategies. It can help to reduce stress levels, improve communication, and resolve conflicts within the team. Ultimately, with improved morale, better functioning teams, and greater efficiency, team coaching is an invaluable tool for businesses that want to succeed in today’s competitive landscape.

Team coaching uses assessment tools such as WRAW Psychometrics and Strengthscope Assessments to analyse strengths and weaknesses, and suggests practical ways to improve. This in turn improves interpersonal workplace relationships and work-life balance by giving structure to a work environment which is less likely to cause stress.


How does team coaching work?

Team coaching involves working with an external Team Coach to help your team reach their full potential. It uses a combination of assessment, group activities, and individual reflection to get the most out of your team in the workplace, but also to improve general wellbeing that will ultimately increase productivity. Team coaching can be used to help teams just getting started, groups of leaders or managers, or well-established departments that want to better understand their collective strengths and weaknesses.

Workplace team coaching is like any kind of coaching; sports, ballet, singing. It should be delivered by a professional who is external to the team, and there are online and in person options depending on what is best for you. Sometimes a handful of one-off workshops are enough to give your team the boost it needs, and for another businesses regular sessions are more appropriate.


Where can I get team coaching for my business?

At The Thrive Lab we offer a range of workplace wellness services, including team coaching. Our team coaching workshop is delivered as 3×90 minute sessions focusing on Connecting, Pausing, and Resetting your team (CPR), tailored to issues that affect your workplace. For example, dealing with change, understanding strengths, building trust, or beating burnout.

Get in touch with one of our workplace wellbeing experts about team coaching, or take a look at the full range of services we have to offer.